7 tips to make moving abroad easier

Do you have plans to move abroad, but don’t know what to think about in order to do so? Here are 7 things you MUST know before you make the leap! 


Pack easily

It’s really not necessary to take everything you own and have just because you are moving to another country. IKEA is everywhere, eBay is a goldmine and most cities have their own Facebook groups where people sell and give away different things. Before you move, you should go through all your things and throw away or give away what you no longer need.


Get a job in advance

Yes, it IS actually possible to get a job in another country before you have moved there. Admittedly, it requires some effort, and you can not be too picky about what kind of job you get. Moving to another country is stressful enough in itself, so if you have the opportunity to get a job in advance, I would highly recommend it. 


Having control of the paperwork

Moving to another country involves a lot of paperwork, unfortunately, but it is important to have everything in order for things to go smoothly. Which documents you need depends on which country you are moving to, but you will usually find the information you need on the embassy’s website. 


Majoren Flyttebyrå, a widely used Flyttebyrå Oslo, Norway, often experience that even Norwegians don’t have control of their own paperwork when moving just a few blocks down the road. So if you consider moving to Norway from another country, it is worth your while to double-check that you have everything in order before you go. 


If you move abroad, you may lose rights in your native country

If you change your registered address abroad, you will be officially registered as an emigrant, and this entails both advantages and disadvantages. For example, you may lose rights to your national insurance or health insurance scheme. 


You regain all these rights if you move back to your homeland, so it’s not as scary as it may sound. If you do not want to change your address permanently, I would still recommend that you register your stay abroad, so that the embassy can contact you if something should happen where you live.


Get help from friends and family

You could invite your friends and family for pizza and wine for a couple of nights to help you move and get all the help you need. Then everyone will probably be happy to help, and you also end up having a nice get-together!


Sell the stuff you don’t need

Find out what you want to sell early so you can post it, and hopefully get it sold before you move. What you do not want, but you do not bother to or can sell, you can donate or give to some of your friends.


Mark absolutely everything! 

All boxes, sacks, bags, and whatever you pack. Mark what room the stuff belongs to and what the contents are. This makes it much easier when you are standing in your new home surrounded by boxes. Then you can easily sort by room and then unpack by priority.

7 tips to make moving abroad easier

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